60 Game Ultimate Bundle – Awesome Games (Admob+ready to publish)

Download 60 Game Ultimate Bundle – Awesome Games (Admob+ready to publish) Free [Latest Version]

Attention customers, we are currently in the process of improving our services and our game templates to better fulfill your project needs.

As the owner of Action Studios, I want to make sure you all are getting the proper support for any issues you are currently facing. Any technical and game design-related questions and inquiries must be sent to our lead developer’s email address: [email protected]

Because of our limited staffing and time zone differences, please give us up to 36 hours after we receive your inquiry to respond back.

If our lead developer did not reply to your inquiry after 36 hours, or they replied and your problems were still not resolved, or they replied and you were unhappy with the customer service received, you can reach out to me (the company owner) at [email protected] and I will try to address those issues for you myself or issue a full refund if need be.

Here on Envato, a Regular License grants you the right to use each included game template on a single end product in which end users are NOT charged for. If you would like to charge users on the end product, you will need to purchase our Extended License, which is roughly 3 times more expensive. The following information below should give you a breakdown of the licenses and your rights on them.

Both Regular and Extended License:

Customers of either license are given the right to use each game template (or individual components of said template like its sound or music) on a single end product. This could range from being a custom level shown to a private group of people like friends and family, all the way to having every single game revised and released to the general public in the case of a Google Play publication.

These game templates are not to be resold or redistributed as is. This means that the editable source contents themselves cannot be given away or sold in their current form. This template (or its contents) has to make up one final finished product (or multiple end products in the case of bundles) that people can only view, install, open, or play, in order for it to be eligible for sale and distribution. To double-check if your product fits this criteria, please email me directly.

For the games that are to be released to the general public, their app names, icons, logos, watermarks, music, and graphics need to be modified from their current base default. They should appear original and players should be able to tell them apart from another customer or competitor that buys and publishes that same exact game on the app store in their own design. This will also prevent your app from being rejected for spam or copyright infringement when it goes live.

Customers of either license are entitled to two weeks of basic support after the date of purchase. Basic support means that we shall only reply to basic questions and respond only with basic answers (similar to an FAQ question and answer format) and the most frequently asked-for resolutions may be publicly displayed here on the FAQ section as reference for other customers. Our tech support department is still in the process of expanding, so please bear with us in the meantime.

Both licenses entitle customers to unlimited fixes for any reccurring errors and glitches they may encounter on their purchased game template(s) during this time. Bug fixes, major updates, revisions, and optimizations are complementary perks for all of our clients. They only need to reinstall that same game from CodeCanyon to retrieve the updated version.

The programming source code for the game templates is not included. Graphical reskins and audio file substitutions are the only core avenues of customization for these games. If you really need the programming source code, please email me directly and I will see what I can do alongside my development team to accommodate your request. If the demand is high enough, I will consider making this a premium or universal feature for our customers.

Extended License Only:

Purchasers of our Extended License are given the additional right to charge users a fixed or subscription-based price for the end product. As an example, if a customer purchases an Extended License for 30 games from us and they altered the branding, music, and graphical designs for all of them so that they appear original, they can theoretically sell each game on the Google Play Store and charge anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99 with no restrictions on how they should price it and they can even charge friends and family to play those games too if they so wish.

Regular License Only:

Purchasers of our Regular License are only allowed to distribute the end product (with original modifications) to the general public for free. They are not allowed to charge users a fixed or subscription-based price for the end product. However, they still have the rights to monetize those games indirectly, most commonly through the use of in-game advertisements and in-app purchases that turn off those ads once purchased, which are included as working features for a couple of these templates already.

Contact Us:

If you’ve encountered a major problem or you’re stuck somewhere within our game templates, PLEASE reach out to us first before leaving any bad reviews! We want to make sure that we serve you properly and that your needs are being met.

Our developer [email protected] is available and even if there were still issues he was unable to resolve for you, you can still reach out to me (the company owner) at [email protected] so that I can process the refunds for you myself without much hassle.

We appreciate your understanding.

Game Template Features:

  1. Project is updated to support Android 13
  2. Simple Tap gameplay with HD graphics and Beautiful UI
  3. Soothing music added which blends with gameplay
  4. Admob ads Implemented (banner, Interstitial and Reward Videos)
  5. Very Easy to reskin, simple object and shapes are are used to build the game
  6. When a player dies, he can continue game by watching a reward video ad (more revenue)
  7. Users can unlock characters by watching reward video ads (more revenue)
  8. Game rating on play store screen
  9. Share game screen
  10. More games screen
  11. Step-by-Step video guide is included, even a person without any programming knowledge can do the reskin
  12. Support in Whatsapp

Game Demo APK’s

60 Demo Apk Zip File Click Here to Download

List of game templates


If you have any questions or you want additional information or for reskin service, you can contact me via,

Email: [email protected] or Skype: live:.cid.e7c2f3e90e75ede8

Easy to Reskin:

  1. Import in Latest Android studio
  2. Use the included RESKIN Software to reskin the game according to your game design
  3. Change admod banner, Interstitial and Reward video ID’s in android studio
  4. Export Signed APK
  5. Upload to Google Play store and other stores
  6. Earn money from ads

Detailed documentation and RESKIN software is included.

  • Contents of documentation
    • Install Android Studio
    • Import Project in Android Studio
    • Update Game Name, Icon, Package ID
    • Change Admob/Facebook Ad Id’s
    • Change Game Service Id’s
    • Change More Game’s and Rate Game links
    • Export Apk to upload to Google play
    • How to Reskin the Game to make it Unique.
  • Reach top charts with a Publisher ready, highly optimized UI and stunning grapics, which are designed meticulously.

    The game is developed using cocos2dx/Buildbox and is designed for high-performance, battery-efficient games.

    • Android 13 ready
    • Ready for publishing
    • Smooth transitions & animations
    • High quality images (png files included)
    • Ads implemented
    • Admob (for other ads providers, buy extended license)

    Please reskin with care

    We provide un-watermaked images because we trust that you will use your best judgement in creating a legitimate reskin that adds value to the game. Please be aware of Google policies against “spamming” the App Store and take your time to create the graphics that will delight your users.

    If you have any questions or you want additional information, you can contact me via,

    Email: [email protected] or Skype: live:.cid.e7c2f3e90e75ede8

    Change Log

  • 31 Jan 2023 – Version 1.0.0
  • - Initial Release

    Preview 60 Game Ultimate Bundle – Awesome Games (Admob+ready to publish)

    Download 60 Game Ultimate Bundle – Awesome Games (Admob+ready to publish) (full version).zip

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