Android Amoled Digital Clock | AdMob, Facebook ads

Download Android Amoled Digital Clock | AdMob, Facebook ads Free [Latest Version]

Android Amoled Digital Clock | AdMob, Facebook ads (Android 12 Supported)

Admob Banner, Interstitial & Native ads Integrated.

Always on Display is a super Amoled app that display basic information like Mobile Time , Date , Notification , music control and much more on black screen when your mobile Screen is “Off”.

A full-featured, fully customizable amoled digital clock live clock wallpaper. It can be used as a “night clock,” simple, analog, picture, calender, love, emoji, edge & live clock wallpaper.

If you want to check time you don’t need to turn you device screen on if you have Always on Display photo clock : Super-amoled installed in your device. You just need to look at your mobile screen always on display clock will show you time.

Keep your mobile screen ON all the time with the Digital clock , analog clock , calendar clock , Emoji clock , picture clock with notification , Date , Time and more and all without having to touch the phone Get an always on display for your phone or tablet for free.

Always on display clock is made possible thankfully by amoled. To save battery real time clock wallpaper stays your phone screen black except for a few pixels to show digital clock on screen.

  • Multiple Digital and Analog Clocks
  • Amoled Display Battery Levels
  • Awesome AMOLED Digital Clocks
  • Open Always on Display-AMOLED, start service
  • To weak up your phone, double tap on screen
  • To turn off screen just press power button
  • The user can on or off service
  • AdMob & Facebook ad support
  • Ads id’s admin panel via firebase
  • App Working in Android 12

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Preview Android Amoled Digital Clock | AdMob, Facebook ads

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