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Muslims mostly use Physical Tasbeh to count the zikar they do, so that they can send its sawab to their beloved one who are passed away, but the problem with the physical tasbeh is, when someone interacts with them during their zikr, they forget the counter that how many times they’ve read.

This issue was observed very keenly, to present the solution, 
and Android tasbeh is here to overcome this, and its animated UI makes you feel the physical Tasbeh as well.

This is the initial version of Android Tasbeh which fulfils the basic need of the  issue, with respect of time and your support, this app will keep upgrading to provide you more better facilities.
Try this Tasbeh App and share with your friends if you like, and don’t forget to tell us your valuable suggestions.


Note: Ads are not included in this App with the thought of Sadqa-e-Jaria, which you can use and publish for yourself

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