Asteroid Attack

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A fun 2D game for iPhone and iPad!

Save the planet from an asteroid attack!

  • How to Play in this Game:
    – Just click on planet Earth and play the game!
    – Your task is to get into the asteroid and in no case get into the satellites!
    – Just shoot at the asteroid with a one-click leash!
    – There are 5 levels in the game, in each level you will find different planets, different galaxies and also different asteroids!
    – Also in the game there is an example of how to create an animation of a starfall using the sks Swift Animation! Find it in a folder called Animation.
  • Also game have Help Menu:
    – To be easy to understannd how to play the game and how its look!

Also Privacy Policy:
– In order to make it easier to upload on the appstore!

In Game have and Levels Menu:
– 1 level – Need Save the Earth!
– 2 level – Need Save the Redia21!
– 3 level – Need Save the Gausia!
– 4 level – Need Save the Mars!
– 5 level – Need Save the Sun!

This game is a reaction game, pump up your skill and remember with the help of patience and concentration you can go through all the levels!

Enjoy the game and try to complete all the levels!

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