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ChawkBazar Laravel eCommerce is implemented based on our popular react project ChawkBazar. It has REST API support. On the frontend, we have used React, NextJS [ TypeScript ] & Tailwind, and Laravel for the backend. Full source code is available. It’s very easy to install and deploy. It’s very fast and your customer will love using it. It will help you to grow your business fast as it’s a very easy e-commerce solution. We have added good documentation, tutorials and we tried to make everything extendable and reusable so you can edit as your own need. It has full admin support too to maintain and manage your order. You will get full source code, Frontend, and Backend. It has Multivendor support.

We do not recommend cPanel. You can purchase any $5 - $10/mo server from amazon lightsail or digitalocean or any ubuntu server.

Check our Shop demos :

email: [email protected]
password: demodemo

Check our admin :

email: [email protected]
pass: demodemo

email: [email protected]
pass: demodemo

Our Online Documentation:

Setup & Installation Guide :

The WordPress version of ChawkBazar is also available

The React version of ChawkBazar is also available


  • Laravel
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • React Query
  • TypeScript

Storefront Features:

  • Complete Authentication
  • Quick add to cart
  • Async full text search
  • Category based product filtering
  • Coupons
  • Quick Checkout page
  • Omnipay supported [ Stripe ]
  • Cash on delivery supported
  • User Account settings
  • My order
  • React, Next & Tailwind based
  • Next SEO supported
  • SEO friendly url

Admin Features:

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Manage Product
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Product Type
  • Manage Order
  • Manage Order Status
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Coupons
  • Manage Taxes
  • Manage Shipping
  • Multi Currency Supported
  • Store Settings
  • Built with React, Next & Tailwind

Our Awesome Products













v4.0.0 18th April 2023

-Upgraded to Laravel 10 
-Upgraded to Next 13
-Added Rezorpay (Indian) Payment Gateway
-Added Mollie (Europian) Payment Gateway
-Added Paystack (South African) Payment Gateway
-Coupon Validation issue fix
-Multi Lang Query issue optimized 
-Slug issue fixed 
-Thank-you page issue fix
-Re-organize Exception Handling for proper response status code

v3.0.1 31st March 2023

- Update file.
- Minor bug fix

Major Update
v3.0.0 25th March 2022

-Restructure data fetching and mutation.
- Add Stripe payment gateway. 
-Add Paypal payment gateway.
- Add my cards section.
- Restructure the order system.
- New Coupon system implements. 
-Variation product price switch system fixed.
- Variation product image switch system fixed.
- Variation product clear button add.
- Shop single page sidebar page issue fixed.
- React query version update.
- Responsive issue fixed.
- Category slider loop issue fixed.
- Payment & order status based product inventory management system 
-Disabled & Out-of-stock variable product bug 
-Language file updated
-Product shipping control system upgraded
-Withdrawal bug fix
-product tag issue fixed
-Settings page updated

v2.2.2 28th December 2022

- Order details issue fixed on admin area

v2.2.1 15th December 2022

- Quantity update bug fix
- Stripe Integration checked
- Social Login checked

v2.2. 22nd November 2022

- Added automated script for deployment
- Documentation updated

v2.1.2 16th September 2022

- Packages version is locked to a fixed version
- Fixed the latest docker Invalid template issue
- Fixed social login environment issue
- Fixed docker installation on M1 Processor
- Fixed broken documentation issue

v2.1.1 6th April 2022

- Fixed SEO source issue
- Fixed address authenticate issue
- Fixed build issue
- Fixed API storage linking issue

v2.1.0 2ndMarch 2022

- Introduced 4 new demos [Trendy, Elegant, Refined, Fashion]
- Upgrade shop to tailwind 3
- Fixed RTL css issue
- Fixed brand delete issue
- Fixed gallery image remove issue
- Fixed free shipping issue
- Fixed few minor bugs  

v2.0.0 12th January 2022

- Added OTP login
- Added dropdown mobile navigation for my-account
- Added dynamic category cover image
- Restructure banner and menu data. *[breaking changes]
- Improved performance
- Fixed admin permission for vendor
- Fixed admin and vendor redirect issue
- Update documentation
- Fixed a few minor bugs 

v1.1.0 21st December 2021

- Optimize code structure
- Restructure SSR build strategy
- Added pagination for my account shop order
- Added layout system for auth pages
- Added load more on search modal
- Added option to close search modal
- Fixed missing data
- Fixed sold quantity issue
- Fixed translation strings
- Fixed spelling mistake images
- Fixed order view issue for mobile
- Fixed checkout & order bugs
- Fixed CSS issue

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