EisenMatrix Task Manager – ToDo List

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EisenMatrix Task Manager – ToDo List

Ever feel like you were busy but not productive? Or feel indecisive on which of your missions, errands, values or goals to tackle first?

Eisenhower said, “The things that are urgent are rarely important, and things that are important are rarely urgent”. He presented a task priority matrix that had 4 quadrants.

  • Quadrant 1 – Tasks that are Important and Urgent
    These need to be completed with utmost priority.
  • Quadrant 2 – Tasks that are Important ones and not very urgent
    Tasks that need to be scheduled for later.
  • Quadrant 3 – Tasks that are Urgent but not important
    Tasks that could be delegated to others.
  • Quadrant 4 – Tasks that are neither Important nor Urgent
    These tasks can either be eliminated or deliberated over later on.

He firmly believed that, By dividing tasks up by importance and urgency, the Eisenhower matrix allows you to prioritise tasks so you know what to tackle first. Based on Eisenhower and his Task Matrix theory, this App provides the capability to organise your task considering their urgency and Importance in form of ToDo lists. It is a decision making app to organize your tasks and goals based on their importance and urgency.

It is an app that combines bullet journaling with the Eisenhower matrix (priority matrix) to finally help you organize your to-do list. Other apps fall short by utilizing only a single method, but EisenTask’s clever design helps you manage tasks quickly, so you can spend more time getting things done and less time jotting it down.

Clean Layout, Intuitive Design
EisenTask uses the layout of the Eisenhower matrix and the symbology of bullet journaling. With this combination, you can plan your day, your week, your month, or your year. Categorize tasks and appointments, and easily prioritize them so you never miss a deadline or spend time on unimportant work.

Get the App now and be productive, efficient and smart!

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