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Our app also includes a variety of features designed to help you better understand your heart health.

You can measure your heart rate without professional equipment, view history charts, save data to the cloud, and even send data to doctors.

Heart Rate Monitor is designed to help you measure your heart rate accurately and quickly in just a few seconds.

You can track your heart rate over time to see how it changes throughout the day, and you can set custom alerts to notify you when your heart rate exceeds a certain threshold.

This can be especially useful if you have a medical condition that requires you to monitor your heart rate regularly.

Heart Rate Monitor is highly accurate as it uses the same technique that medical pulse oximeters use. It does not need any external hardware.

The app then uses our Award winning Heartbeat Fusion algorithm used by Health Infinity for detecting the heart rate accurately.

Key features:

  • Accurate heart rate measurement simply within seconds
  • Incredibly accurate in measuring your heartbeat
  • Get target heart rate and maximum zone for training
  • Free with unlimited heart rate measurements
  • Save and share your heartbeat graphs with your health care provider
  • AdMob, Facebook & MAX Ads support

Disclaimer*: The information provided by this health app is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The app’s content is designed for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical or healthcare advice.

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