NFTs Finder – iOS Swift (OpenSea NFT Marketplace)

Download NFTs Finder – iOS Swift (OpenSea NFT Marketplace) Free [Latest Version]

NFTs Finder – iOS Swift (OpenSea NFT Marketplace)

⭑⭑⭑ REQUIRED ⭑⭑⭑

● macOS 12.4 and Xcode 13.4.1.
● Firebase account for database management.
● AdMob account is required if you want to show ads in the app.
● Make sure your Mac has the CocoaPods already installed since this is a minimum requirement to install some frameworks.


● Built on Xcode 13 with Swift 5.
● Graphics design is eye catching.
● Attractive UI.
● Dark Mode – Light Mode.
● Smooth.

⭑⭑⭑ BACKEND ⭑⭑⭑

● Use Firebase for data storage, account management, database management.
● Query data from OpenSea API.
● And more…


● Connect MetaMask wallet.
● NFT creator.
● Draw pixel art.
● AI filter and more …
● Create Palaroid frames.
● AR feature.

● Get the latest NFTs.
● Get the latest Bundles.
● Get the latest Categories.
● Get the Trending Collections.
● Get the Upcoming Drops.
● Search NFTs.
● Get a user’s information or edit.
● Share your favorite NFT via short link.
● Create a personal link, share for other users to receive Coin.

⭑⭑⭑ GAMES ⭑⭑⭑

● Integrate games inside the app, used to earn Coin, Coin are used for more features inside the app.
● Sudoku game, Mastermind game, Solitaire game.

⭑⭑⭑ MAKE MONEY ⭑⭑⭑

● $$$ Make money instantly $$$.
● Earning bounties when a user buy NFT.
● Make money through Ads.
● In-app purchase, used to remove ads.


● You will get the Source Code and Documents of the app that you see on the Video Preview
● Nothing more or less than what the Video Preview shows.
● Feel free to ask questions before buying.
● You can customize your favorite font or color for app.
● NFT creation through Pixel Drawing.
● Create beautiful filters for your photos.
● Include the game source code inside the project.
(These games are designed and written by me, not related to any 3rd party)

⭑⭑⭑ NOTE ⭑⭑⭑

● In the app, do not do any buying-selling of NFTs.
● “Earning bounties when a user buy NFT”,… When users view favorite NFT, they can copy the link of NFT or the app will direct them to the NFT purchase page to make the transaction,… We don’t make transactions directly in the app, it will violate Apple policy,… How to get the bonus, instructions inside the document,…
● MetaMask wallet connected, only to show NFTs, do not sign any transactions.
● App only makes in-app purchases to remove ads.
● Please customize the interface before submitting to App Store, because many other people buy this source code.
● Before using the app, you must provide a purchase code to authenticate the app, this means that the app requires an internet connection in order to verify your purchase code,… We are doing this to avoid fraud and allow only legit buyers to use this app template. It’s important we do this, so anyone with malicious intent, if they get access to the source code, either via CodeCanyon or some fake/scam websites, will block their access and they will not be able to use the app without a CodeCanyon license.
● If you want a clean version without requirement the license code validation, then make sure you contact us before buying this product. We can offer you the official clean version, after we have a chat via email, to ensure that you are a serious and legit buyer.


If you need any assistance, send us an email at [email protected]

As always, we wish you good luck with this product, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, so you could be the first one to know when a new app template is released.


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