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Although there is conflicting evidence, some studies have found that music may decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, improve self-reported sleep quality, and increase the proportion of deep sleep.
Most playlists that are marketed for sleep feature slow, calming music. However, surveys have found that people use many different types of music to fall asleep. The best music for sleep may depend on your personal preference.

Nature Sounds

Research suggests that listening to nature sounds may help induce relaxation for people who have trouble winding down for bed. In one study, researchers found that listening to nature sounds helped reduce nighttime awakenings, improved sleep quality.

Meditation Soundtracks

Meditation appears to improve sleep by helping people relax at bedtime. In particular, mindfulness meditation, or focusing on the present in a non-judgmental way, may help improve sleep quality and reduce time awake in bed.

A number of smartphone apps contain meditation soundtracks specifically designed to help sleep. Soundtracks may include narrative storylines, relaxing soundscapes, or content intended to improve attitudes surrounding sleep. Preliminary evidence suggests these apps may contribute to better sleep quality and reduced next-day sleepiness.


    Relaxing sounds
    Nature sounds
    Water sounds
    Running water sounds
    Babbling brook sounds
    Oscillating fan sounds
    Fireplace sounds
    Forest sounds
    Country night sounds
    Ocean sounds
    Rain sounds
    River sounds
    Thunderstorm sounds
    White noise


Calm offers bedtime story recordings ranging from 25 to 40 minutes in length, providing plenty of time for you to fall asleep before the story ends. Their stories are read by a variety of readers, including celebrities like Matthew McConaughey. Although Calm doesn’t name how many bedtime stories they offer, browsing through the app suggests they have at least 100 stories available.

The bedtime stories offered by Calm fall into a variety of categories:

    Popular Sleep Stories
    Celebrated Voices (stories read by celebrities)
    Sleep Stories for Kids
    Celebrating Earth
    Fiction Sleep Stories
    Non-Fiction Sleep Stories
    Nature Stories
    Refreshing Nap Stories
    ASMR Stories


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