Wiloke Ajax Post Filter

Download Wiloke Ajax Post Filter Free [Latest Version]

Bring your blog posts to the front door

Ever wondered how cool it would be if you could import your blog posts to any page on your website? Now you can – with the help of Wiloke Ajax Post Filter. 

Importing blog posts couldn’t be easier

Wiloke Ajax Post Filter lets you bring your blog posts to every page on your website. Get complete front-door access with Ajax effects that update changes in live, which means that if you make an update — it shows up instantly for customers! 

Customize everything

You can select which pages on your site you want the blog posts to appear in as well as set up filters (e.g. categories, tags, time order, etc.). Plus, you’re in full control of how many posts per page view, the background color, image size, spacing between posts, and more. Visitors can have a quick glance at the headline, author, category, and image of each post.

Slick and modern interface

Wiloke Ajax Post Filter offers a sleek and modern interface. The fully responsive design ensures a perfect viewing experience on any size of device, whether it’s your desktop, mobile, or tablet. It is not just a WordPress plug-in, it also offers an interactive blog feed reader with an intuitive filter feature, giving customers quick access to the content they’re looking for.

Install Wiloke Ajax Post Filter now to ensure that your content is getting the exposure it deserves!

Preview Wiloke Ajax Post Filter

Download Wiloke Ajax Post Filter (full version).zip

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