YOORI – Laravel Vue Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS

Download YOORI – Laravel Vue Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS Free [Latest Version]

YOORI – Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS

YOORI is a complete eCommerce solution for the most common shopping platforms. It has a lot of build-in futures which are actually needed for every shopping site.


Website: https://yoori.spagreen.net/

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

YOORI Build For:

✅ Single & Multi-Vendor eCommerce.
✅ Marketplace.
✅ Fashion & Beauty eCommerce.
✅ Electronic eCommerce.
✅ B2C eCommerce.
✅ B2B eCommerce.
✅ Drop Shipping Website.

Payment Gateway:

☑️ PayPal(International)
☑️ Stripe(International)
☑️ PayTM(India)
☑️ sslCommarz(BanglaDesh)
☑️ RazorPay(India)
☑️ JazzCash(Pakisthan)
☑️ Pay Later Option
☑️ PayStack(Upcoming)
☑️ Molle(Upcoming)
☑️ FlutterWave(Upcoming)
☑️ Mercadopago(Upcoming)

Available Shipping Charge Type:

✅ Free(Pick From Hub)
✅ Product Based
✅ Invoice Amount Based
✅ Area Wise
✅ Flat Rate

What’s Makes YOORI Unique:

☑️ PWA Enabled eCommerce.
☑️ Latest Framework & Technology used.
☑️ Single Page Application(Loading Less Experience).
☑️ Free Vendor/Seller System Addon.
☑️ All Necessary Features Available for Every Business.

Available Product Type:

✅ Simple Product
✅ Variable Product
✅ Digital Product
✅ Catalog Product
✅ Classified Product
✅ Wholesale Product(Paid Addon)

Technology Used:

✅ Back-End: PHP, Laravel
✅ Front-End: VueJs

Available Addon

☑️ OTP System Addon
☑️ Refund Addon
☑️ Reward System Addon (Ready to release)
☑️ Wholesale Addon
☑️ Offline Payment Addon
☑️ POS Manager Addon
☑️ Affiliate System Addon(Under Development)

More Features

The unlimited Theme color for Storefront
2 Header versions are available and upcoming more
Digital/Downloadable Product
Flash Sales
Newsletter subscription
Product brands
Product tags
SCA and 3D secure integration
Instant search suggestions
Rich Snippets
Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel
Multiple Locales
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Countries, states & Cities
Advanced Home Page Builder
Advanced Search
Product Options
Product Attributes
Advanced Product Filtering
Customer Panel
Sales Analytics Chart
Search Log
Advanced System Report
Custom Static Page
Scheduled Special Product Price
Minimum Amount for Free Shipping
Media Gallery
Drag & Drop File Uploader
Custom CSS/JS
SEO Optimized
Maintenance Mode
Google Scheme Ready
And More…


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement

Requires PHP Version: 7.3 or later

Requires MySQL Version: 5.7 or later

Database Support MySQL, Mysqli.

BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension
PHPMailer Support

Change Log

16 August 2022 V1.4.2

Currency round-up Issue fixes
Shipping issue fix
Review Issue fix
Campaign product request issue
Permission issue fixed

10 August 2022 V1.4.1

Facebook Live chat added
Talk Live chat added
Image zoom in the product details page for the gallery
INTL. Telephone input in admin panel
Vat/Tax option modify (Before/After Tax)
Currency dropdown switch option added in Navbar
New currency conversion in every place
State and City Import Option

Installer Submitted using jquery
Home Section Paginate
Wholesale quantity automatically calculates the min quantity from previous max quantity
Migrate from customer to seller disabled in demo mode
Payment details are updated in the order summary
Homepage in sidebar menu subcategory linkable
Settings data update using jquery

Currency Round UP Issue Fix
Home section shimmer design fix
shipping configuration issue fix
Edit address issue in customer panel
Category ordering fix
Fixes a few known bugs

27 July 2022 V1.4.0

Upcoming eCommerce Mobile App Ready
Upcoming Delivery Boy Mobile App Ready

Performance Imporvement
Security Improvement
Responsive and RTL design updated
Facebook Pixel Source Code Instead ID
Google Analytics Source Code Instead ID
Title Changes "Delivery Hero to Delivery Boy" 

Few Known Issues Fixed

07 July 2022 V1.3.2

Buy Now button added
Stripe payment APIs support

Responsive and RTL design updated

Video issue fixed in product modal
Refund sticker removed when refund addon is not activated
SSLcommerze modified

27 June 2022 V1.3.1

Menu icon added on the mobile device
Compare Icon on responsive devices

Design update
Query Optimized

Few known bug fixes

23 June 2022 V1.3

Responsive & User-Friendly Mobile View
Flutterwave Payment Gateway
Mollie Payment Gateway
PayStack Payment Gateway
Separate Admin Login Page
Separate Seller Login Page
Category Wise Attribute Set
Category Wise Filter
Stock-out Product Visibility Option
Import Product From Excel/CSV File
Import Seller From Excel/CSV File
Import Customer From Excel/CSV File

Home Page UI Updated
Product Details Page UI Updated
Coupon UI Update
Query Optimized
Performance Improvement

Phone Login Issue Fixes
Pagination Issue Fixes
Fixes Few Major & Minor Bugs

04 June 2022 V1.2.3

Contact form added to seller public profile

Query optimize
Security improved
Seller public profile UI updated
Seller follow and unfollow added

Popup language issue fixes.
Few known bug fixes

01 June 2022 V1.2.2

Query Optimize
Important security update(Highly recommended to update all old versions)

Campaign load more product issue
Language error on translation page

27 May 2022 V1.2.1

Campaign brands UI updated
Campaign shop UI updated
Home page brands UI update
Media library UI updated

Design issue fixes
Responsive issue fixes
Fixes a few important bugs

23 May 2022 V1.2.0

Added upcoming add-ons support.
Invoice download option for guests.
Tracking order for guest

The child category was added to the design.
Shop widget UI updated.
Product add/update form UI update.
Media library UI updated.

Design issue fixes.
Pickup point issue fixes.
Fixed a few known bugs.

26 April 2022 V1.1.0

Guest checkout added
Wasabi storage added
Invoice amount based shipping cost added

Query optimized
Sit speed improvement

Order paynow issue fixes
Category language issue fixes
reCaptcha fixed
Fixes few important bugs

22 April 2022 V1.0.4

Language issue fixes
Upcoming addons support added
Fixes few known bug and issue

20 April 2022 V1.0.3

Language issue fixes
Preference setting update issue fixes
Fixes few known issues and bug

18 April 2022 V1.0.2

PHP 8 support added.
MySQL 8 support added.
Pay later enable/disable option added.

PWA app meta inforamtion updated.
Digital product quantity option remove.

Few responsive issues fixes.
Few known issues and bug fixes.

14 April 2022 V1.0.1

Fixes PayTM Configuration Issue
Fixes few known bug
Optimized by database indexing

13 April 2022 V1.0.0

initial release

YOORI – Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS

Planning for a Multi-Vendor eCommerce Shopping Platform? Yoori is a fast, responsive & more user friendly Vue JS & Laravel built e-Commerce CMS. Moreover Yoori can make your Online Shop stand out from other ecommerce store with its unique & constructive features. It comes with Customize Home Page Builder, Payment Gateway, Full Admin Control Panel, Full Content Management System, Multiple Seller Management, SEO, and Order Tracking and so on.

Give your customers the fastest ecommerce site Browsing & Product Purchase experience, beside for sellers get Multi-Vendor, Coupon, and all the e-Commerce features to sell and promote their products online.

You will also have the opportunity to rearrange and redesign your Homepage with a variety of content. Gives you a detailed and easy-to-understand admin panel for maintaining your site and products.

Preview YOORI – Laravel Vue Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS

Download YOORI – Laravel Vue Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS (full version).zip

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